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General Information about TRESU Royse Inc.

Royse Manufacturing Company was founded by Edwin H. Royse in 1961. It was the evolution of his father's heating and air conditioning service company that formed the basis of this new company. Mr. Royse positioned his young company in the graphic arts industry after engineering several innovative product designs for Dahlgren Manufacturing, USA. The Company grew rapidly and was incorporated in 1973.
Royse quickly gained a reputation for developing innovations in dampening systems. In response to the need for better return flow of fountain solutions from the press, he designed the Nova Pump, which became the industry standard. The Company also invented and was awarded a patent for the Alco-Miser, which remains the most accurate alcohol control system on the market.

In 1980, Mr. Royse developed the original core of the Royse product line, a compact and very efficient refrigerated circulation system appropriate for use on offset presses supplying fountain solution to as many as four colors of 18" to 20" format or individually to each color of 40" and larger presses.

Royse became the premier supplier of fountain solution chillers and temperature control equipment in the graphic arts industry, marketing primarily to press manufacturers and their distributors, and specified by most as standard auxiliary equipment on new presses sold. Soon, Royse's product line included larger central fountain chilers for a wide range of offset press sizes, coating circulators with state-of-the-art automated features, ink agitators at a time in the industry history when that product was necessary and not provided by the press manufacturers, and even a second color head designed to allow second color printing on a Heidelberg single color TOK press.

In the late 1990's, Royse initiated its aggressive strategy to become a "Total Solution Provider". This effort required internal product development and enhancement as well as external acquisitions.
Building on its solid base of dampening and coating circulators, Royse first acquired the IR dryer business of Electronic Systems Incorporated (ESI) in August of 2001. ESI, based in Montana, had earned a reputation for innovative infrared drying technology. ESI's President, Bob Loiacono, discovered the need for a reliable power control for dryers in the early 1980's. His electrical engineering skills coupled with his experience in the infrared drying field to that point in time resulted in a very successful product. In a short period of time, in addition to offering various innovative dryer designs sold by ESI as well as by other companies, ESI was supplying power controls to almost all of the dryer manufacturers in the industry, including Pierry, Dahlgren, and Oxy-Dry.
In the early 1990's, ESI was successful in gaining a foothold in the highly competitive Northeastern US market. The ESI dryer was first recognized by Mitsubishi Lithographic Presses as an "approved" dryer at that time and has gained increasing market share ever since. Today, our dryer has been installed on most major press brands. The acquisition added twenty plus years of dryer experience and hundreds of successful installations to the TRESU Royse family of products. The ESI operation has been relocated to Dallas and Bob Loiacono continues with TRESU Royse as the principal designer and product manager for the dryer systems. TRESU Royse designs and manufactures IR drying systems for lithographic and flexographic inks as well as water based coatings for commercial printing processes.

In June of 2002, Royse acquired the sheet fed and narrow web business of TriService, Inc., which added a complete line of ink roller chillers, combination units and ink distribution systems.   TriService, Inc. was founded in the 1960's by three men in the heating and air conditioning business, thus the name ?Tri? Service. With a similar background as Mr. Royse, the TriService owners capitalized on their knowledge of temperature control and the installation of refrigeration equipment. As the graphic arts industry was growing and considering new technologies such as waterless printing as well as developing faster and faster equipment, temperature control on the printing press became paramount. TriService became a major player in the graphic arts industry with temperature control equipment and the skills and expertise to properly and efficiently install the equipment on the press. In the late 1980's and early 1990's, TriService was the leading manufacturer and supplier to this industry covering all aspects of lithographic printing including sheet fed, narrow web, and wide web applications. TriService equipment ranged in size from small 3-ton (refrigeration capacity) refrigeration units to units as large as 240-tons and covered just about any application. As part of the acquisition, Royse Manufacturing Company assumed control of the TriService brand name, product line, Chicago-based manufacturing, service and installation functions related to its business operations. It also offered Royse a presence in the critical Chicago area demographic. This business was operated as a subsidiary of Royse, incorporated as RMC-TriService LLC.  

On April 30, 2004, Royse Manufacturing Company and its subsidiary, RMC-TriService LLC, were acquired by TRESU Group, a Danish company with deep roots in the graphic arts industry. On July 31, 2004, the three US-based TRESU Group companies were consolidated into TRESU Royse Inc. with manufacturing facilities located in Dallas and West Chicago. Today, TRESU Royse, as part of the TRESU Group, offers the broadest line of ancillary products for the industry. In addition to the "Royse" products offered in the US we now offer the most technologically advanced chambered doctor blade systems, coating pumping systems, and printing plate cleaning equipment. TRESU Group is rapidly becoming the largest and most comprehensive partner to printing press manufacturers as well as to the printers worldwide.